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Magician Jussi Jalkanen was born in the 60's in Helsinki. His interest in the world of magic began already as a small boy when he saw a magician's performance at Suomen Tivoli (Finnish Funfair) in the early 70's. This is when his career as a performer started,
a career that has lasted already for 30 years. As a magician Jussi is specialized in stand up (on stage) magic.

In addition to performing as a magician, Jussi Jalkanen has also acted in different TV series, on various company and training videos, and he has appeared in some TV advertisements, too.

As a magician Jussi Jalkanen has created two different characters: Magician Klabbis and Mr. Blues.
Magician Klabbis
performs mainly for children and families. His comical character and funny tricks and gags put a big smile on the

  audience's face, as does his 'unintentional' stumbling. When Magician Klabbis gets his hands on balloons, they get an altogether new shape: turning into dogs, parrots and even guitars!

Mr. Blues is a 'cool' character whose business

unfortunately isn't always quite straight forward: strange things sometimes happen when he's performing. However, Mr. Blues has got everything under control… ALMOST! You'll have to come and see for yourself.

If you wish, we can together 'design' and create the perfect character to bring a touch of that fabulous magic and an enchanted atmosphere to your party.

Remember: in the world of magic there are no limits.

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